Woman in Dubai commits suicide by putting face in water pot

Dubai: An Asian woman committed suicide by putting her face in a water pot in her bathroom, Dubai Police investigations revealed on Tuesday.

The case of the mystery death of a woman in her 20s was solved by a team of the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology at the Dubai Police. The team was called to solve the mystery as the investigators were perplexed with the death of the girl with no signs of ‘suicide’, ‘murder’ or ‘poisoning’.

Doctor Younis Mohammad Al Beloshi from the General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology at Dubai Police, said that the girl who worked at a shopping centre committed suicide by putting her head in a water pot.  Investigation revealed that she was emotional distress over a romance issue. She was staying with other women in a house in Dubai.

He said that her death was a mystery. “We investigated all possible angles leading to her death. We also investigated that she might have been murdered but there was sign of foul play or violence. Forensic examination also made it clear that she did not eat or drink any substance to kill herself,” Dr Al Beloshi said.

Dubai Police questioned the girls living with the deceased who confirmed that she had some emotional issues due to some love affair.

By examining her mobile phone, police found out that she had watched and followed websites explaining how to commit suicide in a novel way.

“She would watch the online channels every day and also sent videos to others about some real suicide attempts,” he noted. According to Dr Al Beloshi, the woman killed herself in the bathroom after putting her head in a small pot of water.

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