UAE weather: Hazy, dusty day ahead, maximum temperatures to hit 46°C

Today, the UAE will see mostly sunny and hazy weather during the day, and it will get partly cloudy in the afternoon. The National Centre of Meteorology, in their daily forecast, said it will be: “Hot during daytime, fair to partly cloudy at times. A probability of some convective clouds formation east and southward by afternoon.”

Warm breeze in the day, is expected to carry dust across the country. “Light to moderate Southeasterly to Northeasterly winds, freshening at times, causing blowing dust by daytime, with a speed of 18 – 28, reaching 40 km/hr.” according to the daily weather forecast.

In internal areas, the temperature highs are expected to reach 42 – 46°C. In the coastal areas, temperature highs will be between 39 – 44°C, and 33 – 37°C in the mountainous regions. The highest temperature recorded across the country yesterday was 47.4°C

Humidity levels across the UAE are expected to be slightly high hitting 70-75 per cent in coastal areas and internal areas. In the mountainous regions it will go up to a maximum of 60 per cent.

The sea will be calm to moderately rough in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

There are no major weather warnings today, as of now.

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