Sharjah opens digital door to 6 million books, resources online

SBA chairman Ahmad Al Ameri on Tuesday tweeted the news in a short clip on his account, @AhmedAlamriSHJ.
SBA chairman Ahmad Al Ameri on Tuesday tweeted the news in a short clip on his account, @AhmedAlamriSHJ.
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Sharjah: Six million books and resources in 10 languages have been made accessible online free of charge, Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) revealed on Tuesday.

The announcement came as part of the SBA’s participation of the #UbuntuLoveChallenge launched by Shaikha Bodour Al Qasimi, vice president of International Publishers Association; founder of Emirates Publishers Association; and founder and CEO of Kalimat Group.

SBA chairman Ahmad Al Ameri on Tuesday tweeted the news in a short clip on his account, @AhmedAlamriSHJ.

“Six million books and resources in 10 different languages are a few clicks away. Dive into Sharjah public libraries, digital library, from your homes, your offices or wherever in the world you are. Through this free global offering powered by technology, we want to make sure that the joy of reading continues, research continues to flourish and humanity continues to grow,” he said in the clip.

The books and resources can be accessed by visiting, clicking on the ‘E-resources’ link at the top of the page and logging in (or signing up first as a new user).

“As COVID-19 sends us on a quest for answers, books are pivotal. We launched, through #Sharjah Public Library, a free digital library to partake in the inspiring #UbuntuLoveChallenge led by @bodour”, Al Ameri wrote on his Twitter feed.

Ubuntu is “an African ancestral knowledge celebrating our human interconnectedness”, says the challenge’s official website,

“The #UbuntuLoveChallenge is a global movement built on the core philosophy of Ubuntu with a mission to restore hope through a worldwide display of human collaboration and appreciation. (Y)our movement will inspire millions of people to rediscover their inner power, and mobilize their ingenuity to curb Corona Virus propagation,” it adds.

Al Ameri said in the clip, “I would like to thank Shaikha Bodour Al Qasimi for launching #UbuntuLoveChallenge; this unique movement to celebrate human connections and creativity, to share love and hope in time of hardship and doubt. We at Sharjah Book Authority believe strongly in the power of books and knowledge, to bring positive change and now more than ever we are dependent on our ability to adopt, innovate, find solutions and lead change. In this spirit, we said yes to the UbuntuloveChallenge because books and knowledge will empower us all.”

The challenge’s other founder is Mamadou Kwidjim Toure.

“Named one of the top ‘10 Most Influential Men in Africa’ by Forbes Magazine in 2014, Mamadou founded the Ubuntu Group in 2015 and built on his global network and investment savviness to launch socio-economic projects throughout the continent of Africa,” the website says.

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