Sharjah Art Foundation brings free movies this weekend

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Only My Voice
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If your weekend plans are undecided, then here’s the perfect excuse to stay indoors and get comfortable watching three short films being showcased by the Sharjah Art Foundation.

Titled ‘Ghosts of Songs: Oral Histories in MENA Female Cinema’, this is the second in a three-part series of online screenings in collaboration with the digital film archiving platform, Habibi Collective.

Taking place on June 12, at 8.30pm UAE time, the programme features three documentaries and experimental short films about memory, while examining relationships between the environment and culture, the effects of migration and family life during times of unrest.

This three-part series of online film screenings, which runs until June 26, aims to celebrate the world of female filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa region. Drawing from acclaimed short and feature-length narratives, documentary and experimental films, the three programmes in the series focus on a different theme, map various traditions and explorations of feminist narratives across filmmaking in the region.

Streaming on the Sharjah Art Foundation’s website, the films will be screened consecutively and cannot be streamed on demand. Viewers who join at a later time will not be able to watch the entire film programme. Films to view include the following:

Fiery Father (2018)

Director: Jala Wahid

United Kingdom

No dialogue, with English and Kurdish subtitles


The film explores the symbolism surrounding the eponymous natural fire Baba Gurgur (Kurdish for ‘fiery father’), specifically the mythical and political importance it holds in Kurdish culture. Against the backdrop of the daf drum, the formation of crude oil becomes synonymous with Kurdish dancing (halparkeh), creating a landscape where the Kurdish spirit is the embodiment of its disputed land.

Only My Voice (2017)

Director: Myriam Rey

United Kingdom

Arabic with English subtitles

Only My Voice-1591778649047

In transit through Athens, four migrant women from the Middle East share their stories of being uprooted. As they recount their personal experiences of freedom, their stories, resonating and interacting with the city of Athens, they gradually begin to echo one another.

Like a String of Beads (2019)

Director: Inas Halabi


Arabic with English subtitles

Like a String of Beads-1591778647552

In this film, Inas Halabi documents the lives of nine siblings who reside in the village of Ibillin in northern Palestine. As they explore their individual oral histories, the family members attempt to build a collective history. With the action contained within one household, the film unpacks diverging experiences of the same events, veering between collective agreement and disagreement, and traces the rhythms of daily life and the memories haunting the home.

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