Pakistan: Karachi man blackmails and harasses woman with personal pictures

A man in the city of Karachi, in Pakistan, was arrested for blackmailing and harassing a woman after being in a relationship with her on July 28.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cybercrime wing carried out a raid in the Nazimabad area of Karachi, local media outlets reported.

According to the FIA officials, private pictures of the woman were found on a laptop, mobile phones, and memory cards belonging to the accused. The FIA has confiscated all the gadgets from the man’s possession who was reportedly using them to blackmail the woman.

The accused has been identified as Shoaib. As per the FIA officials, he had been arrested earlier in 2017 as well and was lately out on bail. The accused had reportedly been blackmailing the entire family of the woman, local media reported.

In addition to the blackmailing, the accused also shared their contact details on social media. According to details, he used fake profiles to post them online.

Reportedly, the FIA officials have revealed that the woman’s family even changed their house phone number. However, the accused somehow found them and continued to harassment.

Local media reported that the man pretended to be in a relationship with the woman to gain her trust initially, while some reports stated that they were engaged.

FIA officials told Pakistani media that the woman had attempted suicide multiple times due to blackmailing.

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