Pakistan: Eight men and a donkey arrested for allegedly gambling during a donkey race in Rahim Yar Khan

Donkey arrested in Pakistan for gambling
Image Credit: Facebook/ Samaa TV

In a bizarre incident, police in Pakistan’s Punjab province, arrested eight suspects and a donkey for the alleged involvement in gambling on June 6. The incident is going viral online and many people are finding it hilarious.

The arrests took place in the city of Rahim Yar Khan, eastern Pakistan, when the local police apprehended eight men for their alleged involvement in a donkey race and betted on the outcome.

Pakistani media reports stated that along with the eight arrested, the donkey too found a mention in the FIR (First Information Report).

During the arrest the cops also recovered 120,000 PKR (Dh 2,687) from the suspects claiming that the group was using the money to bet on a donkey race, Samaa TV, a Pakistani news and entertainment television network reported.

Reportedly the police stated that since the accused and the donkey have been arrested on the spot and named in the FIR, neither of them could be released.

A video posted by Samaa TV, shows those who were arrested, including the donkey. The clip also shows the cash that was confiscated.

The video was shared on Twitter and many replied with jokes and emojis depicting laughter.

There were also those, like tweep @Satyaje07816817, who questioned why the animal was involved in the arrest: “But what did the donkey do?”

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