Nobel Peace Prize winner World Food Programme acknowledges UAE’s support in providing food aid

Dubai: The role of the UAE in supporting the World Food Programme (WFP) in its efforts to end hunger and provide food assistance was acknowledged by the organisation hours after the WFP was named the Nobel Peace Prize winner on Friday.

Mageed Yahia, Director of the WFP in the UAE and Representative in the GCC, told Gulf News, “While this award is a huge tribute to WFP’s efforts and its team’s hard work and sacrifices at the forefront of the fight against hunger and food insecurity, it is also a tribute to our partners: the governments, the institutions and the people who make it all possible. It is a recognition of the vital role our donors and partners, like the United Arab Emirates, play in supporting us and enabling our work and efforts to end hunger, provide food assistance to the vulnerable people whose lives have been torn by crises of all sorts – including climate extremes, disasters, conflicts and wars – and which are now gravely impacted by the fallout of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mageed Yahia

He said, “The generosity of our donors and partners in contributing time, effort and money is what keeps our operations running and enables us to continue providing vital food and humanitarian assistance to more than 690 million hungry people in the world. Together, we will continue to save lives, change lives, achieve food security for all and contribute to strengthening efforts to reach peace and stability for everyone in the world.” He said the Nobel Prize today is a powerful recognition that food security, peace and stability go together.

“Without peace, we cannot achieve our global goal of zero hunger; and as long as there is hunger, there will never be a peaceful world,” he said.

“The WFP is extremely honoured to receive this well-deserved and timely recognition. It is a strong reminder that achieving food security for all is a powerful driver of peace. Hunger should not be used as a tool or instrument for war and ending it will greatly contribute to a more peaceful and just world for all,” he added.

The award was announced in Oslo by Berit Reiss-Andersen, the chair of the Nobel Committee.

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