Mohammed Masoud Al Mazroui: Prominent Emirati journalist dies

200602 Mohammed Masoud Al Mazroui
Mohammed Masoud Al Mazroui, who died on Monday.
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The UAE Journalists’ Association has mourned the death of prominent Emirati media person Mohammed Masoud Al Mazroui, who died on Monday.

The association’s board offered its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. Al Mazroui was one of the pioneering journalists and media professionals in the UAE. He was the previous director of the Abu Dhabi Radio and Television where he was the main announcer until his death.

Al Mazroui practiced the profession of journalism for decades and presented the morning radio programme “Doaá Al Muttaqin” on the Abu Dhabi Radio until his sad demise.

He was known for his distinctive voice in reading the news and delivering eloquent poetical verses.

Al Mazroui’s colleagues, media professionals and fans took to social media platforms to express their deep sorrow over his departure.

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