Man dupes bank of Dh2.1 million in Dubai

Dubai: A man illegally obtained Dh2.1 million from his bank after forging a debt certificate of Dh3.9 million and pocketing the difference.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Wednesday that the 34-year-old Emirati defendant with assistantance from the 32-year-old Egyptian bank employee, forged the debt certificate of another bank in September 2017 to pay a debt of his Dh1.8 million to another bank while illegally taking away the rest of the money.

An official at the bank said, “We discovered the certificate was fake as his debt was much less than the number written in the certificate,” the bank official said in records.

“There was a fraud operation by the two defendants by presenting a forged certificate.”

The Egyptian employee had presented a Dh3.9 million debt certificate of the Emirati defendant.

The Emirati defendant was also charged with illegally obtaining Dh2.1 million from the bank.

The Egyptian defendant was also charged with criminal abetting.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the two defendants with forging official documents and using them.

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