Kerala boy, 7, in Dubai builds Eiffel Tower out of 2,750 matchsticks

Kerala boy in Dubai builds the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks during coronavirus restrictions
Kerala boy in Dubai builds the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks during coronavirus restrictions
Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A seven-year-old boy in Dubai has painstakingly built a model of the iconic Eiffel Tower using 2,750 matchsticks to keep himself busy at home during the coronavirus movement restrictions.

It took Viaan Dev, who is from Kerala state in India, a total of around 95 hours over 15 days to glue together the 95cm-replica of the France landmark, matchstick-by-matchstick.

“From the moment my dad mentioned about creating the Eiffel Tower with matchsticks, I was so enthusiastic. I was after him every day to start working on it. I enjoyed the entire process and felt so proud and happy when completed it. Next, I want to make [a model of] the Burj Khalifa [the world’s tallest tower in Dubai],” Viaan said.

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Eiffel Tower made out of 2,750 matchsticks took 95 hours over 15 days to glue
Image Credit: Supplied

The grade-two student of GEMS Heritage Indian School in Dubai spent an average of six hours per day for around two weeks to accomplish the feat.

His father Ajesh Kuniyil wants Viaan to stay “engaged and refreshed while ‘locked down’ at home during the COVID-19 disruption period” with various constructive activities.

Schools closed in March due to the pandemic and classes will continue online till the end of this academic year.

Dad and mom (Harsha Ajesh) lent a hand to Viaan in his endeavour. Kuniyil made sketches of each side of the model on transparent sheets while Harsha provided guidance on sticking the matchsticks (which don’t have the flammable head) along the lines. Each side was then assembled together to complete the model.

“Our purpose was to keep him engaged and away from TV and gadgets. This activity helped in our goal and he is inspired to do more of such creative works,” Kuniyil said.

Viaan had previously solved a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle in around 10 days.

“He’s usually interested in making robotic kits and wanted to undertake something different for a change. After the puzzle, he asked me, ‘what’s next?’, so we came up with this idea of making the Eiffel Tower from a Facebook post,” Kuniyil said.

The undertaking had a deeper purpose as well, he added.

“Viaan learnt aspects of ideation, planning, sourcing, implementing and deadlines. We didn’t want to leave it at just a creative art project.”

Viaan now wants to make a model of the Burj Khalifa.

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