India: MS Dhoni uses quick thinking to save bird, daughter shares pictures

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni saves a bird
Image Credit: Instagram/@ziva_singh_dhoni

When Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni is not using his quick thinking skills on the cricket pitch, he is applying them to save birds.

Ziva Singh Dhoni, MS Dhoni’s daughter, shared a series of pictures on her Instagram account, @ziva_singh_dhoni, of a bird visibly dehydrated.

“Today in the evening on my lawn I saw a bird lying unconscious. I shouted for papa and mumma. Papa held the bird in his hand and made her have some water. After some time it opened its eyes. All of us were very happy,” The caption read.

“We placed her in a basket on top of some leaves. Mumma told me it is crimson-breasted Barbet and is also called Coppersmith. What a pretty, pretty little bird,” she added.

The post ended with: “Then suddenly it flew off. I wanted it to stay, but mumma told me she had gone to her mom. I am sure I will see her again!”

It has been reported that severe heatwaves, delayed monsoon rains and deficient pre-monsoon showers are making survival difficult for birds in India. The high temperatures have taken the lives of hundreds of birds recently, it was reported. Experts have suggested keeping bowls of water out for birds to drink from.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Dhoni was practising for the now-suspended season of Indian Premier League (IPL) where he was to lead Chennai Super Kings, a team that he has led to three titles so far.

Previously, a picture his wife, Sakshi Dhoni shared, showed MS Dhoni mowing his lawn, which gave fans insight into how the cricket star is spending time while social distancing.

Ziva’s Instagram account also showed her helping clean the lawn as the family stays home amidst the pandemic.

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