Ideal UAE motorist: No fine in 45 years for this Emirati motorist from Sharjah

Mal Allah Ibraheim Al Hammadi, one of the nine elderly Emiratis who has never received a traffic fine, were honoured by Sharjah police for clean record.
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Sharjah: Mal Allah Ibraheim Al Hammadi of Sharjah obtained his driving licence in 1975 and drove his first car later in that year. Ever since, he has never committed a traffic offence.

Al Hammadi, who has 12 children, was recently honoured by Sharjah Traffic Police for his spotless record. He attributes his feat to his respect of traffic laws and concern for his life and that of the other road users. Al Hammadi told Gulf News that all his sons and grandsons who have driving licences have taken him an example as they also have a clean traffic record. One of them is with Sharjah police and holds the rank of a captain. Another one is an engineer.

Al Hammadi is also educating his sons as well as grandsons about traffic rules and what they should do when sit behind the wheel, including fastening of seat belt and never use mobile phones when driving. He had worked at Sharjah Police before retiring in 1987. He works now as a trader and spends most of his time practicing his favourite hobby.

“I have never committed any road offence because I respect traffic laws. I do not exceed the speed limit because I am concerned about my life and the lives of all other road users,” he said. “Unfortunately, many of our young men have become victims of traffic accidents because of their recklessness. They do not respect traffic rules and drive at high speed. I appeal for all parents to watch their sons and stop rewarding the reckless ones with cars and motorcycles as they only threaten lives.”

“Al Hammadi has never driven negligently or broken any rules. His excellent conduct has contributed to making UAE roads safer, and is a testimony to the well-mannered motorists in the country,” said Brigadier Ahmad Saeed Al Naour, Director General of Central Operations of Sharjah Police.

Main priority

“I have always followed the traffic rules because road safety is the main priority when driving. Everybody should be following the regulations, whether they are pedestrians or drivers,” Al Hammadi said.

Al Hammadi expressed his delight in receiving an award by police. He appreciated Sharjah Police for this kind initiative. He said that such initiatives promote the spread of the culture of adherence to traffic laws.

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Sharjah Police honoured Al Hammadi along eight other motorists for not receiving a traffic fine since they obtained their driver’s licence.
Image Credit: Supplied

On Tuesday, Sharjah Police honoured Al Hammadi along eight other motorists for not receiving a traffic fine since they obtained their driver’s licence. Police described them as “the ideal drivers who abided the traffic rules and regulations at all times”.

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