Good news for seafood lovers. Prices of hamour fish, king fish, shrimps fall in Dubai

Dubai: Seafood lovers in Dubai are in for a feast. While prices of most varieties of fish have remained consistent over the past week, hamour, king fish and shrimps have seen a reduction in cost. It’s time to visit the nearest fish market in Dubai and stock up on your favourite variety.

However, the price of sea bream fish has increased, with 1kg now costing a minimum of Dh35.9 compared to Dh28.9 last week.


Minimum price of 1kg sea bream fish in Dubai

Even as life is slowly returning to normalcy in Dubai after the movement restrictions necessitated by COVID-19 have been lifted, most families and individuals in the emirate are exercising caution and keeping their households budgets under check. As majority of families are confronted with a change in their financial circumstances, the consistency in prices of essential items will come as a big reprieve.

Prices of meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, pantry items, dairy products and other staples have remained constant for the past several days in Dubai.

These trends came to light as we tracked the prices of essential household items in Dubai. We will bring you a price basket of commonly used goods in Dubai on a regular basis. It will list the minimum and maximum price for household groceries, including rice, bread, cooking oil, meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, water, salt, sugar, fruits and vegetables and hygiene essentials such as sanitisers and face masks.

You can use it as a budgeting tool to track your expenditure and avoid being overcharged in a grocery store or supermarket in Dubai.

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