Gang steals Dh660,000 from Sharjah safe; arrested within 24 hours

Notes seized
The recovered currency notes
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Sharjah: Sharjah Police have arrested a gang of three members who allegedly stole a treasury containing currency worth Dh660,000 within 24 hours of receiving the report.

The Sharjah Police Criminal and investigation Department were able to recover multi-currency notes worth Dh660,000 from the safe of the complainant’s residence within a day of the complaint.

The owner reported the theft immediately to police which helped them solve the crime and arrest the suspects even before they could use the stolen money. Experience and expertise of the detectives helped in solving the case despite the absence of any evidence.

Brigadier Ibrahim Musabeh Al Ajel, Director of Criminal and Investigations Department at Sharjah Police, said the complaint was made by a scrap trade investor who discovered that the money was missing from his safe when he returned home at an industrial area in Sharjah from work.

Upon receiving the report, a team from the Sharjah Police swung into action and arrived at the crime scene. They were able to zero in on two suspects who were in touch with the investor earlier. They prepared an ambush and arrested the first suspect who confessed to stealing from the treasury. He then led them to the second suspect who confessed to the theft with the help of a third person.

The suspects had carried the safe into a sandy area and emptied it of its contents.

Based on their confessions, the suspects have been transferred to Public Prosecution for further action.

Brigadier Al Ajel pointed out that the complainant had made a mistake by keeping such a large amount of money at home. He said this was risky.

He called on the public to keep their valuables in banks to avoid such incidents and stay safe.

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