Dubai: Fish prices shoot up, instead make chicken for dinner tonight

Dubai: Are you someone who stocks the kitchen with a week’s worth of grocery supplies? Then, you must be informed that prices of different fish varieties have gone up. The price of 1kg hammour has increased from Dh46.9 on June 11 to Dh49.9 on June 14.

Similarly, the price of 1kg salmon now stands at Dh47.9 compared to Dh44.9 on June 11. Seabass fish and sea bream fish have also seen an increase in costs over the weekend. Why not make do with some chicken instead? While prices of fresh chicken have remained unchanged, that of frozen chicken has dropped marginally. Opt for a healthy dinner tonight and grill some chicken.


Price of 1kg salmon in Dubai today

Most residents in Dubai are coping with cuts to their salaries imposed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, savings in any form, especially groceries, will be welcomed by most in the emirate.

Prices of cucumbers too seem to be headed north, with 1kg now costing Dh4.7 compared to Dh3.5 before the weekend. If you are cost-conscious, your salad can do without some cucumbers tonight.

Meanwhile, prices of tomatoes and potatoes have dropped over the weekend. Why not make some creamy tomato gnocchi soup for dinner today? Or just add some spices and bake the potatoes and tomatoes instead.

These trends came to light as we tracked the prices of essential household items in Dubai. We will bring you a price basket of commonly used goods in Dubai on a regular basis. It will list the minimum and maximum price for household groceries, including rice, bread, cooking oil, meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, water, salt, sugar, fruits and vegetables and hygiene essentials such as sanitisers and face masks.

You can use it as a budgeting tool to track your expenditure and avoid being overcharged in a grocery store or supermarket in Dubai.

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