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Legal Maxims Consultants

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Legal Maxims Consultants is a leading India-based full service corporate law firm in the UAE consisting of lawyers, attorneys, legal consultants, providing litigation, consultancy and legal documentations in whole areas of laws and procedures with direct and associate offices in different parts of India, the UAE, Middle East, South Asia, and U.K.

Legal Maxims Consultants was established in 2001 in Kochi, India, with a team of lawyers and later expanded its divisions to New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, and then to London, the Middle East and South Asian countries as associate offices. It later extended to the UAE and is based in Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Legal Maxims Consultants UAE offers various legal and corporate services including:

  • Litigation and Consultancy
  • Drafting & Registration of Wills
  • Trademark & Copyright services
  • Company Incorporation
  • HR Consultancy
  • Legal Translation
  • True copy Attestation service

Legal Maxims is constantly expanding its services by providing complete managerial, HR and legal solutions to various clients for successful business set-up, business management and HR solutions, with full legal compliance.

Legal Maxims Consultants is always proud of the vision, skills, expertise and professionalism of their team. The working of their collective minds in a highly professional environment ensures that their products and services retain a competitive edge always.

Currently Legal Maxims Consultants is capable to render services on intellectual property laws and commercial laws in almost 80 countries through their associate offices worldwide.

– Advocate Mohammed Sharafudheen, Managing Director, Legal Maxims Consultants

Membership and Affiliations

The firm is a member of various international associations and organisations:

International Association of Lawyers – (UIA) is a global association made up of both general and specialist practitioners and including more than 200 bar associations, organisations or federations (representing nearly two million lawyers) as well as several thousand individual members from over 110 countries.

International Trademark Association (INTA). Legal Maxims Consultants is a member of the global association of Trademark Owners and Professionals, dedicated to supporting consumers to protect their trademarks and related intellectual property rights and to promote fair and healthy business environments.


Currently Legal Maxims Consultants is capable to render services on intellectual property laws and commercial laws in almost 80 countries through their associate offices worldwide. 

Events and Conferences

Legal Maxims Consultants has been actively involved in organising various programmes and social events such as legal conferences, legal seminars, legal awareness camps, legal clinics, and legal workshops in association with different government and private entities such as Dubai Judicial Institute, Department of Economic Development, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Dubai Customs.

The firm provide legal updates and awareness through digital and online media, which leads to enormous opportunities in the legal industry.

They are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that their clients receive result-oriented services in most effective way.

Legal Maxims Consultants has established a credible professional track record focused on quality and perfection.

Exceptional functional and legal expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Legal Maxims Consultants the ideal choice for upcoming business entities by improving their operational efficiency.

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