Ajman Police return lost cash to woman in remote village of her home country

Ajman: Ajman Police have returned cash to an Asian woman after launching a massive three-month hunt for her as she had left the UAE and was residing in a remote village in her home country, an official said.

Lt Col Gaith Khalifa Al Kaabi, Director of Al Madinah Police Station, said a member of the public found a wallet at a public place in Ajman and handed it over to the police station.

Police found documents of the Asian woman along with some cash, but it turned out, the woman had already left the country.

“Ajman Police was keen to return her belongings. We searched for the woman but she had left for her country and we couldn’t contact her,” Lt Col Al Kaabi said in a statement.

The Ajman Police official said they then found the number of an Asian man living in Saudi Arabia in the woman’s belongings. So they called the man to ask about her. The Asian man told Ajman Police that the woman was staying in a village in an Asian country.

“After three months of search, the woman was finally traced in the village which did not have any internet coverage. But First Assitant Omar Al Kaabi from Al Madinah station managed to contact one of her relatives in a neighbouring area via WhatsApp,” he added.

After eventually contacting the woman and ascertaining whether the money actually belonged to her, Ajman Police dispatched the money to her.

According to Ajman Police, the woman thanked Ajman Police profusely for all their effort.

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